We love to know where, when, how and under what conditions our members took their beautiful, unique and sometimes startling images. Careful planning? Strange luck? Right place at the right time? Creativity in the darkroom or on the computer? Perhaps a combination? They all play a part in creating these fascinating images from our members.

Another Tequila Sunrise
©Roy Haddock
Snowy Owl in Flight
©Jay Robbins
32 Roadster
©Gary Hoyt
Mother Church
©Russell Denney
©Bob Ring
Ibises in Flight
©Joan Francoeur
Egret in a Box
©Gail Hansche-Godin
Zebras Early Light
©Karl Shanz
Pretty Bird
©Lola Lawrence
The Wish
©Shane Corcoran
Heinz 57
© Mitch Slovin
The World In Her Hands
© Lisa Smith
Old Olds Up Close
© Susan Linder
© Ela Skrzypek
Short eared owl after evening snow
© Jim Fenton
Chinese Umbrellas,
© Scott Sughrue
Annular and Total Solar Eclipse,
© Chris Triessl
Leaf Dreamin',
© Valerie Cox
Raindrops are Falling,
© Dick Morton
Dome - Rockingham Mall,
© Mary Gillis
Nubble Light,
© Ray Levesque, Honor Award in Slide of the Year, General, 2004-2005
© Art Vaughan
© Art Vaughan




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